Imagine feeling a little overwhelmed by your next project... stressed, not sure what direction to go, unclear, uncertain, afraid that you are going to fail, foggy and clogged... But not to worry...

I am excited to share with you something I've discovered that can help you. Put on your headphones, hit play and before you know it, your brain is in TURBO MODE!

And Suddenly Everything Seems Crystal Clear!

check No more worrying about getting stuck on a task, with that discouraging feeling eating you up inside.
check No more spending far too much of your precious time on a task that really should only take a few minutes.
check No more forgetting the details just when you need them, feeling foggy and unclear, or spinning your wheels without achieving much.


And... it gets BETTER!

What if, every time you used this TURBO MODE, your brain became MORE AND MORE POWERFUL?


check You'd never worry about being embarrassed again, because you'd always understand what even the smartest people are saying.
check With your success growing, you'd say goodbye to any last little depressing feeling that maybe you aren't successful.
check You'd never have to show anyone what you're doing. You could use this "turbo mode" in the privacy of your home or office, and enjoy the IQ-boosting power everywhere you go...



And... The More You Use It, The Better It Works!


That's right. This is a program that takes ZERRO EFFORT ON YOUR PART. All you do is sit back and listen to some gently pulsing tones. Nothing more!


These SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED sounds AUTOMATICALLY put your brain into a HIGH-PERFORMANCE STATE. The kind of state where:

check You can start a project FAST, and complete it with machine-like efficiency... giving you more time to spend on the important things in life, AND more money at the end of the day!
check You don't just learn new material, you inhale it... plowing through through books and complicated information and remembering every word! (You'll never feel intimidated by a complex subject again.)
check Your productivity breaks all records, as you move from task to task with not a second's wasted effort.


... Will you use the extra time to take on new responsibilities... or take a much-needed break?

check Hidden opportunities jump out at you, AND you have the confidence to act on them! (How many times have you said to yourself, "If only I'd been smart enough to take advantage of that earlier" ...?)
check "Writer's block" is a thing of the past... words just flow when you want to communicate your thoughts!
check Your memory is powerful and reliable, picking up every detail and keeping everything within easy reach. You can connect all the dots, see all the patterns, and you always know EXACTLY where you left your car keys!
check You're a charismatic and convincing speaker, you know exactly how to pull the facts together to persuade just about anyone! (Never feel outclassed in an argument again.)
check No matter how much information you have to deal with... you can handle it all, and you've got an instinct for using it to benefit you!
check You're confident, sure-footed, and decisive. You know what direction to take, you know it instantly, and you're right!
check When you act, you're almost "spooky good" at making the right choice... ensuring you succeed even when it seems like everything's stacked against you!
check You fully unleash your potential as a human being, enjoying all that life has to offer. (Feeling "held back" or wondering why other people are getting ahead... is history!)


You'll Transform Your Brain Into A High-Octane Engine That Speeds You To The Finish Line

You'll super-charge your:


You'll be thinking and working faster and more efficiently, getting more done, and becoming more and more successful!

This program even works as a super-fast learning tool. You'll be able to pick up new skills and information faster than ever.

You'll save valuable time and have ever larger amounts of information at your fingertips... and many new skills.

You'll be able to take on tasks you never thought possible, amaze people with your abilities, and get more done than ever!

Best of all, it's EASY!!!


Introducing IQ Supercharger ™:

The Breakthrough Program That Uses Your Brain's Natural Response To Specific Sounds To Guide Your Mind To High-Performance States.


How it works...

It takes advantage of mechanisms built-in to your mind that have been discovered by decades of scientific research.

When you hook someone up to an EEG brainwave-reading machine, the waves the machine detects are classified into five categories: delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. Delta waves are the slowest, appearing in deep sleep. Gamma are the fastest, appearing when you're solving critical problems.

When the brain is stimulated by a specific consistent rhythm, the brain responds by synchronizing its own brainwave cycles to the same rhythm. This is commonly called the Frequency Following Response.

You don't have to think or do anything. Just let it work! And, it works no matter what you were thinking or working on before.

As you listen, it actively trains your brain to STAY in this high-performance state. The beneficial effects will keep going... and going... and going... long after you stop listening. You'll feel the performance boost throughout your day-to-day life!

IQ Super Charger TM is based on cutting-edge technology and neuroscience for maximum effect. Leading researchers agree, it really does help long-term!


Many studies have been done. I wanted to share some...

Harold Russell, Ph.D., and John Carter, Ph.D., of University of Houston, performed a study where they stimulated Beta brainwave to study participants who suffered from disorders such as ADHD and other learning disorders. Even just after a brief period of time, the subjects' IQs began to climb, averaging at a six point jump. Another scientist, Michael Tansey, experimented with brainwave stimulation within the Beta range (11 - 19 hz) and even reported a 19 point IQ jump!

In 1999, Thomas Budzynski, Ph.D., performed Beta studies to college students who were struggling. He utilized brainwaves stimulating senses, including video and audio.The students, shortly after the treatment, began to perform in a far more satisfactory manner! Similarly to the other anecdotes of Beta brainwave therapy listed above, the students maintained their then-higher academic performance standards even after they stopped actively being treated.


Research into NEUROPLASTICITY has proven that your brain isn't "stuck in place."

You can actively, and continuously, improve.

All it takes is a specially crafted audio program. Your brain responds in magical ways to the right kind of rhythmic sound.

If the beats are the right frequency and presented in the right way, your mind will "follow the lead" -- right into a more powerful and productive state!


And... once your brain has been in that state... it will remember how to get back there whenever you need it. In other words...

PEAK PERFORMANCE at the push of a button!

You've heard how listening to Mozart is supposed to make you smarter. Well, this is scientifically designed... to be about a thousand times more powerful.

Within minutes, the precisely crafted rhythmic sound will be guiding your mind to its full potential.

But, you don't have to take my word from it. Listen to what some of our thousands of satisfied customers have to say. All of these people started out just like you. Then they tried IQ Super Charger TM, and experienced what their brains could REALLY do.

"Absolutely powerful!"

"My life has been completely changed. I can function so much better, I don't have any more mind clutter, my decisions are solid and confident. I got a new job and now I am climbing the success ladder. I feel satisfied, inspired and fulfilled. I feel powerful and able to reach my goals"

Marzena Hartford
Las Vegas, NV


"Studying is so easy!"

"I am a college student and I used to put a lot of time in understanding the material and retaining the information. I am learning a lot faster now and I have a lot more time. It's like my brain works at a higher speed."

Dragomir Tsonchev


"I didn't believe it but it worked! I feel great!"

"I am a retired educator. I remember a lot of what I learned when I was young but I was struggling with new technology and remembering what I did yesterday. Thanks to IQ Super Charger Program, I feel like my brain is 30 years younger. I am not afraid of computers, tablets and old age anymore. I feel happier and more clear-minded."

Dr. C.O.


"It has improved every area of my life!"

"Golf is my passion. It requires a lot of precision and focus. I started IQ Super Charger Program to improve my focus in golf but it has affected other areas in my life as well. My days are now well organized, I can streamline and focus on what's a priority and I have noticed that I am so much more efficient in everything I do. I feel smarter than ever and nothing seems like a challenge anymore."

Jeff Peterman, Golf Pro Designer of the F2 Series Wedge, "Players' Choice" Award


Look at it in terms of your job. If you could achieve that kind of a boost... how many thousands or tens of thousands of dollars would it be worth to you over the next few years?

And don't just think money.

The benefits of IQ Super Charger TM go way beyond allowing you to get more done, faster. Research has showed over and over again that increased intelligence means more happiness and satisfaction... and less stress and depression.

In other words, not only will you "WORK SMARTER," you'll be happier and healthier after you use this program. You'll see the world a bit more brightly and be that much more glad to be alive.

Is this something you can only do at home or at work? Certainly not. In fact, IQ Super Charger TM is

A Booster Rocket For Your Brain You Can Use ANYWHERE!

When you buy, you'll get the IQ Super Charger TM program in industry-standard MP3 format.

Put this MP3 program on your computer, on your portable player, or burn it to a CD, and you'll always have it when you need it.

Feeling down?

Is a deadline looming?

Hit play, and the special mix of tonal frequencies will use your brain's natural response to rhythms to transform its performance... helping you become a HIGH ACHIEVER almost instantly.

It Gets BETTER...

arrowpoint guarantee

Because I'm so confident you're going to love this program, I'm giving you plenty of time to make sure it's right for you before you commit to owning it.

I said before IQ Super Charger TM would take 30 days for you to see the results. But, I know you're busy. So I'm giving you 60 days to try and experience what IQ Super Charger can do for your brain. Try IQ Super Charger TM for 60 days and if you don't see noticeable changes, I will issue a no-questions-asked refund... if you want one.

So, give it a try. You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain! You've seen what IQ Super Charger has done for people like you, in their own words. You've seen that it's backed by cutting edge science.

Advantages That Are Invisible To The Rest Of The World!

so you can start winning in business and succeeding in your personal life, and leave people guessing how you did it!

In fact, let me make it even BETTER!

I want you to be absolutely certain IQ Super Charger TM is worth far more than anything you'll pay. Therefore, when you buy, I'll throw in:

Right/Left Brain Synchronizer


Scientists have shown your left brain handles logic and speech. Your right brain takes care of emotions and creativity.

But what most people don't realize is...

With both hemispheres synchronized, your brain's performance will significantly IMPROVE! With this program, you'll be:

check Happier
check Healthier
check More Optimistic
check Full of Energy
check Clear-Minded

Your brain is the tool through which you create and manifest your reality. This audio helps you balance the left and right brain... taking you one step further towards becoming a masterful creator of your life.


Digital Coffee


What if you could get the same effect as coffee... just by listening to some sounds? And do it without any jittery, frayed-nerves side effects?

This audio program gets you up and going, and helps you achieve long-lasting brain improvement.


Healthy Brain


You know stress is your brain's worst enemy. Let this program help.

These scientifically crafted rhythmic tones rebalance your brain, bringing back CLARITY and a RELAXED SENSE OF FOCUS.

Use this program whenever you face a stressful situation.

Or, just use it as a training tool to help your brain react calmly in stressful situations... so you're acting from a place of stability and power, instead of reacting to every little problem. You'll be able to find opportunities in challenges, and make the best of any situation.


These bonuses, bought separately, would be worth over $200 alone.

Taken together, IQ Super Charger TM would normally sell for $229.99.

But, because I'm selling direct to you with no overhead, you pay just $69.99!!!

You get:




This Program Can Change Your Life Just By Listening!

Just by listening to this audio program, you'll increase your intelligence, multiply your memory power, and speed up your thinking. You'll do it almost instantly, and... you'll see the benefits in every part of your life. Even after you stop!

You'll be more productive in everything you do and full of energy. Learning new things... no matter how complicated or difficult they are to others... will be easy!

So, click on the "BUY" button below:

$229.99 $69.99


IQ Super Charger TM is only available here, you can't find it anywhere else. This is your chance to buy it, right here, right now.

I'm living in success and abundance... I want you to, too!

Lia Nova

P.S. Remember, IQ Super Charger, Left/Right Brain Synchronizer, Digital Coffee, and Healthy Brain are sold ONLY through this web page. Not having retailers or distributors means we can keep the price down... but it also means this is your chance! So buy it today -- you'll have our 60 day no-questions-asked guarantee making sure you get far more than your money's worth.

P.P.S. I've been enjoying a much better brain ever since I developed IQ Super Charger... I guess you could say it changed my life! It's not just about getting more done. The scientists really were right when they said it would mean more happiness and satisfaction! 

I can't wait until you give this program a try. I'm certain you're going to love it. You'll find ways to use your new brainpower at home, at work, and even while socializing with your friends. It's a fantastic opportunity to improve your performance in every area of your life. IQ Super Charger could even revolutionize your career!

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